Liquid image scuba series 319 инструкция

liquid image scuba series 319 инструкция
All mask functions are controlled by a single rocker on the upper right side of the mask. Ответили очень быстро, объяснили какое дополнительное оборудование лучше приобрести вместе с этой моделью видеорегистратора. This made for wonderfully even and consistent illumination. При таком расположения устройство не будет нагреваться солнцем и станет менее заметным снаружи.

For my test dives, I decided to add two additional accessories that do not normally come with the basic mask kit but are really needed for all your dives. You can, however, not see the LCD while you are wearing the mask. So how do you know the camera is turned on and what mode it is in?That’s what the status light is for. Bubbles — Since the camera lens sits smack in the middle of the mask, you often see bubbles in the video. Another item that is known to most divers but not to camera operators is that all masks do not fit all faces and Liquid Image addresses this by making two different sizes — the 320 which fits a narrower face and the 321 for wider faces. Они только похожи внешне, функциональные же возможности отличаются кардинально. Highly reliable and technologically advanced multipurpose pump capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users.

Since you can never have enough light, we highly recommend the (separately sold) terrific LED torch lights that attach to the mask. The other accessory, two metal encased battery lights, clip into cool adjustable arms that screw securely to the mask. Liquid Image Co, LLC 7909 Walerga Rd., Suite 112-206 Antelope, California 95843 Price: $234Michael Reff is Director of Photography at Turner Broadcasting and operates an underwater video business. The video mask, which retails for about US$249, never let us down. Considered an exotic metal alloy with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio that offers exceptional performance in a knife. The process of bone rebuilding takes place after an injury as well as during normal growth.[24] Normally, bone continuously breaks down and rebuilds—old bone is resorbed and replaced with new bone.

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