Видео-инструкция по использованию программы измеритель

видео-инструкция по использованию программы измеритель
Each result is also timestamped in the results file so they may be matched quite accurately and exactly. Select a name and input it. Do not include a suffix. The Responsible Party must be NRPP certified as a residential measurement provider. This function increments the jump number. l) (p)erformances up to now This function prints the performances on the screen up to now. It always prints all of the performances, a screen at a time.

The further out the buoys are, the higher the camera should be. The two operators should sit side by side. Micro-Vu offers free object inspections as a demonstration of our products. The list plus a brief description of each command follows.

For a record submission, the complete survey must be submitted along with a copy of the video showing the jump landing. These non-contact and contact measurement systems use video and touch probe inputs to perform high precision 2D and 3D measurements. Results — This displays the result file on the screen Exit The screen also includes the following text input boxes: Skier Name — Enter the skier’s name in this box. This is the same as is used for cable TV. The cable has to go to the computer system from the camera.

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