Acer iconia tlv инструкция

acer iconia tlv инструкция
Music Use Music to listen to music and other audio files that you download or copy from your computer. Settings Opens settings to manage folders, register an Adobe ID, change the theme or edit categories. Page 8: Connecting Power Connect the power connector to your tablet and plug the AC adapter into any AC outlet.

Your tablet will display the Lock screen. To unlock the screen, press the lock button and follow the lock to the right side of the circle. Page 23: Setting Up The Email Application Going online — 23 Chrome enables you to open multiple tabs. The left side of Acer Ring controls the volume and the right side shows Browser bookmarks. Note: Your tablet only supports microSD cards that use the FAT or FAT32 file system. White Steady The tablet is booting up, waking up, or fully charged. Note Set each phone number to match the type of network as this can determine some functions, i.e. certain applications only recognize ‘Mobile’ numbers as they require a function only available on a mobile network.

Some applications, such as Gmail and Calendar, have additional synchronization settings. The simplest way to connect is to use our automated wizard. If the wizard does not work, you can use the steps in this document to manually configure your Windows computer to use network ports in public areas and residence halls. Планшет очень тонкий и достаточно легкий, удобно держать одной рукой за счет относительно толстых рамок экрана. You can: • Turn the alarm on or off. •… Page 55: Faq And Troubleshooting FAQ and troubleshooting This section lists frequently asked questions that may arise during the use of your tablet, and gives easy answers and solutions to these questions. Модельный ряд Благо он не такой огромный, как у нетбуков/ноутбуков.

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