Фотоаппарат sony cyber-shot dsc-w100 инструкция

фотоаппарат sony cyber-shot dsc-w100 инструкция
Building on the success of the K800, the K810 adds a number of features that make its 3.2-megapixel autofocus camera even more camera-like. Осторожны приподнимите чёрные фиксаторы шлейфов пальцем или пластиковой лопаткой (обозначены зелёными рамочками на картинке). Затем отсоедините шлейфы от системной платы и снимите модуль ЖК-экрана и системной платы с корпуса камеры. Grab the camera in your right hand and your fingers naturally cling to the camera’s textured front panel. The DSC-W100 is a compact (but not tiny) camera with a metal body. The file numbering system used by Sony is quite simple. The lower the resolution goes, the more smart zoom you can use.

Contact your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. C:32: There is trouble with your camera’s •… Page 95 Memory Stick locked You are using the “Memory Stick Duo” • with the write-protect switch, and the switch is set to the LOCK position. Попадание пыли и грязи в объектив также сказывается на качестве снимков. Using an Initialize or RESET option in the menu MENU → Setup → Setting Reset → Initialize → OK Sample Initialize procedure for DSC-RX10After the camera reboots, the time and date settings menu will be displayed. Print Guidelines Images submitted for printing can be prepared in PhotoShop, which is available on all NCAT workstations. Photos can also be viewed by the date on which they were taken. Зачастую для починки механизма затвора достаточно просто разобрать его и собрать заново.

Затвор открывается и закрывается с помощью выступа, обозначенного зелёным кружком на картинке. The viewfinder is pretty small, and there’s no diopter correction, but I’ll take what I can get. To the right of the viewfinder is the speaker, followed by the playback mode button (which should be placed more prominently) and the mode dial. Included with the camera is a Sony Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack and charger, which has a pretty good battery life. I still suggest purchasing a backup battery pack, and keeping it freshly charged and on-hand for extended outings. Different countries and regions use different TV color systems. If you want to view images on a TV screen, check page 81 for the TV color system of the country or region where the camera is used. Basic features include slideshows (though not the fancy one with music found on the DSC-N1 and DSC-T9), DPOF print marking, image protection, thumbnail view (9 or 16 images per screen), and zoom and scroll. Ассортимент Cyber-shot известен благодаря своей запатентованной батарее InfoLithium, оптике компании Carl Zeiss.

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