Инструкция браунинг бар

инструкция браунинг бар
Dunlap, Roy F., Ordnance Went Up Front, Samworth Press, (1948) ISBN 1-884849-09-1. George, Lt. Col. The BAR’s rear sight scales were also modified to accommodate the newly standardized M2 Ball ammunition with its lighter, flat-base bullet. The latter specified a need for a BAR designed to serve in the role of a light machine gun for squad-level support fire.

This BAR was called the Colt Automatic Machine Rifle Model 1919. It was first made up of M1918s from the contract with the military which were not delivered. It was one of several Colt BARs. However, the weapon had a high price. It was also not very useful to civilians. This confusion happened because Browning decided to call its semi-automatic hunting rifle the Browning BAR. The SLA changed a Browning BAR hunting rifle to automatic fire. It was this weapon that was used in the shootout. Даже сменить магазин, при наличии заранее снаряжённого запасного (запасные магазины продаются только отдельно и стоят более 4000 рублей) – совсем непросто. Потом у карабина при выстреле раскололся приклад, причём — правильно затянутый. Разборка Браунинга BAR II, без соответствующего опыта и специально подготовленных инструментов – невозможна. They only used it to make the BAR. The first BAR from Marlin-Rockwell was delivered on 11 June 1918. The company eventually started making 200 BARs per day.[7] Colt had only made 9,000 BARs when the armistice was signed.

Вот из этого-то и складываются основные критерии конструирования западного оружия. И оно, оружие, в этом не виновато. BAR II главного редактора «Охоты» Валерия Кузенкова, в калибре .338 Win.mag, дважды давал клины на лосиных охотах. Winchester also helped out with the BAR’s final design.[6] Making of the M1918[change | change source] Val Browning, the son of the designer (John Browning) with a BAR. This photo was taken in France. The most-used type of BAR was the M1918. It was designed by John Browning in 1917. It was supposed to replace the French Chauchat and the M1909 Benet-Mercie machine guns.

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