Clarion vrx 578 инструкция

clarion vrx 578 инструкция
The Bluetooth indicator lights when a hands-free connection is made. Press the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen two times to toggle between the two view screens. Als er een antwoord wordt gegeven op uw vraag, dan is het voor de gever van het antwoord nuttig om te weten als u er wel (of niet) mee geholpen bent! Check the Audio Output setting, whether it is on «Internal» or «External». (Settings->Bluetooth and Audio->Audio Output) Why is the audio from the Next GATE so low when I try to play it on my cars stereo? Adjust the MIC Gain setting. (Settings->Bluetooth and Audio-> MIC Gain) Software How do you update the software on the Next GATE? Please visit to download the latest Next GATE software and follow the installation instructions.

Press the «+» volume button several times to increase the volume. The unit is not in the suspend mode under the following conditions. — The unit was shut down by pressing the illumination button for more than 8 seconds. — The unit’s batteries have run out from keeping it in the suspend mode for a long time. The message, «Please login to the Pandora app on your iPhone» is displayed. To use the Pandora app, login to Pandora on your iPhone before the iPhone is connected to the unit. I can’t get the text on Pandora to scroll more than one time. Make sure the display clicks securely into the cradle. The iPhone temperature itself may rise depending on the environment or use situation, such as GPS tracking or navigation. If this occurs, and the iPhone is very warm to the touch, please disconnect your iPhone from the cable, and wait until your iPhone cools down before reconnecting.

Eintritt ermäßigt CAR & HIFI 6/2007 — Klang Ruhig, zurückhaltend und obenrum dezent ist die Gangart des VRX578RUSB. Der Gesang hat Kontur, und genug Knack für die härtere Gangart ist ebenfalls vorhanden. Make sure the volume is turned up all the way on the Next GATE. I hooked up the Next GATE to my cars stereo and I can’t hear any audio through my cars speakers. Нехватка басса лечится прокладкой проводов с большим . . . . .Автомагнитола Pioneer AVH-X8700BT → Магнитолка AVH-X8700BT в использовании больше года, очень довольна качеством!

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