Инструкции херофактори

инструкции херофактори
Download them instantly and you’re ready to build! Other Villains[edit] Witch Doctor — Once a Hero Factory instructor obsessed with Quaza, transformed into an evil tyrant who took control of the wildlife of the planet Quatros for his own evil schemes and attempted to destroy it. Mark Surge — An emotional and temperamental hot-headed former rookie working to overcome a secret insecurity. Само собой, некоторые, наиболее очевидные шаги, пропускаются, но даже ребенок способен понять, какую деталь присоединять следующей.

Beasts[edit] Jumpers — Insect-like creatures that live under the city of Antropolis. Дети растут, а с ростом меняется восприятие. Им хочется чего-то крутого, впечатляющего, монументального. Jimi Stringer — A philosophical, laid-back, and musically inclined veteran of the team, who incorporates sound-based functions into his weaponry. Tunneler Beast — A Beast who can tunnel its way through the ground with its acid talon.

Собственно, Эйфелева башня именно под этот конструктор и заточена. Hero Factory sends in Evo to investigate, which leads to an attack on the city by giant beasts. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that is mined. Знаменательные даты[править | править вики-текст] 1949 — появление пластмассовых защёлкивающихся кубиков. The team discovers that Aldous Witch has turned into the Witch Doctor and has taken Rocka hostage. Rocka, who has since received a modification giving him larger, more resilient armor and a stronger double-claw combo tool, approaches Witch.

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