Star control 9 инструкция

star control 9 инструкция
Using Follow Actions and Legato Mode together provides a powerful way of gradually changing a melody or beat. For more on this, please see the built-in program lesson on setting up Audio Preferences. Tracks can have an unlimited number of groups, separated by empty slots. Star Control was touted as the first 12-megabit cartridge created for the system. Accolade published the game under a then-new company label, Ballistic.

Note that overdubbing only applies to MIDI tracks. To prevent recording prior to a punch-in point, activate the Punch-In switch. Music based on loops or short melodic fragments has a tendency to sound static. Right-click on a credit in the table below to copy a URL for sharing with data providers. Recorded MIDI notes can also be quantized post-recording with the Edit menu’s Quantize command, as described in the chapter on editing MIDI (see 10.4.7). 16.6 Recording with Count-in A count-in for recording can be set via the pull-down menu next to the Metronome switch.

Use the Edit menu’s Split command (see 6.11) to split the clip between the non-looping and looping parts. Follow Action A is set to “Play Again,“ with a Chance of 8. Follow Action B is set to “No Action,“ with a Chance of 1. The clip uses a long sample, and Follow Time is set to one bar. Atari ordered the creation of the game, to be delivered in just four days.[citation needed] The web page containing the Flash applet has the title «Welcome to the Star Control Preview», suggesting that there is more to come. As of August 2011, there has been no news of further developments. Unless all the clips involved play the same sample (differing by clip settings only), you might hear dropouts when launching clips in Legato Mode. When recording into the Arrangement, record quantization is an independent step in Live’s Undo history.

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