Sailor 6006 message terminal инструкция

sailor 6006 message terminal инструкция
Communication you can trust A3 SAILOR GMDSS Console may be pre-installed with the two most advanced GMDSS certified marine DSC Class A radios available – SAILOR 6222 VHF and SAILOR 6300 MF/HF. Have your GMDSS delivered complete. Available as a complete communications solution, simply select the configuration depending on your regional sailing requirements for either A2, A3 or A4 sea areas. Efficient communication As part of the SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Series, A3 SAILOR GMDSS Console features ThraneLINK, a unique new system that enables efficient communication within the network.

Overview Features Options SAILOR Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems (GMDSS) from Cobham SATCOM set the standards for distress communications and operational communications whilst at sea, no matter where you are sailing. State-of-the-art SAILOR A3 Solutions Spec the 2nd generation SAILOR 6110 mini-C, add touchscreen operation with SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal or expand functionality with Thrane IP Handset for SAILOR FleetBroadband. A3 SAILOR GMDSS Console is built to your specification. Standard equipment A3 SAILOR GMDSS Consoles are delivered as standard with lights, dimming control, connection boards, removable front plates and SAILOR Moxa Switches for ThraneLINK. SAILOR 6000 Consoles Product Sheet. Trust A3 SAILOR GMDSS console to fulfill all requirements for the A3 sea area and to be a reliable operational and safety communication tool wherever you are.

Also includes the SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC and the SAILOR 6301 MF/HF Control Unit. VoIP handsets can also be integrated into the consoles. SAILOR A4 Console Four section console with three SAILOR 6006 Message Terminals. One for SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS (for covering sea area 3) and two for MF/HF radiotelex. Engineers can access a vessel’s network from a single point for lower maintenance and lifetime costs. Your console will then be delivered complete with the required combination of GMDSS approved VHF/HF radio, Inmarsat Mini-C and accessories, fulfilling IMO requirements. SAILOR A3 GMDSS Console Built for GMDSS Over 1/3 of all commercial vessels covered by international conventions use SAILOR GMDSS thanks to the rugged, reliable build quality and sophisticated, flexible functionality.

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