Шаблон по инструкция по установке крепления на лыжи nordic 75

шаблон по инструкция по установке крепления на лыжи nordic 75
Jan Haug was the founder and owner of Janoy wooden skis, made in Norway and imported to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota These skis were used by Larry Gould in the 1928 Byrd Expedition to the South Pole. Mr. Gould was a geologist and second in command on the expedition. However for a complete resource on the latter, you may want to refer to which, although it has some significant crossover to our subject, is mainly geared to the downhill part of the spectrum. Please see our article about ski drill bits.

The skis were wonderful to have for a year and my team will be very happy to be able to use them next year. Click here or here for a link to those instructions. Step 3 Using a marker pen (Sharpie) extend the boot mark across the top surface of the ski, left to right. Then I use the actual part as the template for marking the drill holes, and then eye-ball the punch to be in the center of the hole, then smack it firmly once.

Главная наша задача установить ось крепления ботинка к лыже строго по центру тяжести лыжи. All the best,Paul _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 5/25/09 — Hi there This might be a slightly strange request but we are looking for a pair of wooden skis for guests to sign at our wedding reception. Even places in Vermont couldn’t help so you can imagine my immense gratitude.

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