Инструкция к olp mm32

инструкция к olp mm32
Mine was used when I bought it and doesn’t look a day old…I’ve had it for a year! I am biased as a working musician and bassist. Active 3-band EQ.It’s got the good essentials you need to hit a gig and hit it hard. No complaints. Versions of Los Angeles luthier Stephen McSwain’s artistic guitars [the Tin Top/Machine and Anarchy models] were produced. The company’s name stands for «Officially Licensed Product». OLP has worked with Music Man, among other companies. OLP was a subsidiary of Hanser Holdings International.

And the highs are like bells: clear and pure. Also offered were a John Petrucci OLP guitar and an Orange County Choppers model, as well as a Tony Levin Signature MM Stingray model. When I first tested this bass I turned to my girlfriend and said,» Did you hear that?!» «Hear…what?» «This note! The disappearance of Hanser Holdings International’s OLP guitar line was due to the creation of Music Man’s own «Sterling by Music Man» line, which began in 2009, right at the end of OLP’s licensing.

Some of which had serious sentimental value…this just didn’t come close to this bass!It’s a big price, but you get a WHOLE lot of bass!Check it out. That being said, really, the bass is worth the price. If I had to pay full price, I would have. This sucker has a full low end that does NOT stop. A tight mid that has me playing «Express Yourself» almost everytime I pick it up because it’s such a strong, punchy mid! This bass made me sell the other 5 basses I owned.

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