Kerio-connect-8.2.1 инструкция

kerio-connect-8.2.1 инструкция
Version 7.3.2 — February 8, 2012 Please read the Release Notes document before installing this version. Kerio WebMail: — It was impossible to send large attachment via WebMail. — Check Names could cause high CPU usage in special cases. Kerio Active Directory Extension * Added a warning for installation on Windows Server 2008 R2 with no Active Directory domain. All other OpenVMS account restrictions remain in effect, such as disabled accounts, modal time restrictions, quotas, and so on.Externally authenticated users are identified by having the EXTAUTH flag set in their SYSUAF record.

That is, the LOGINOUT.EXE and SETP0.EXE (SET PASSWORD) images must use the SYS$ACM system service for authentication.The new LOGINOUT.EXE and SETP0.EXE (SET PASSWORD) images are provided with the ACMELOGIN PCSI kit. For detailed information regarding the AVG antivirus please refer to . + Antivirus plugin for AVG on Linux. Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition): + Added support for Microsoft Windows 7. — Fixed rare crash on Outlook start. Kerio Sync Connector for Mac — Fixed compatibility with 64-bit Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Administration Console: — Time interval in Traffic charts setting was not saved across sessions.

The SYSUAF user flags are EXTAUTH, VMSAUTH, and DISPWDSYNCH. “System Parameter SECURITY_POLICY Bit Mask Values” Controls certain ACME subsystem features on a systemwide basis. Message header «From» and «To» rules are applied besides message headers also to message envelope members. + Improved stability of SpamAssasin server. + AppleDouble attachments handling improved in EWS. ! Dropped support for external antivirus modules. Kerio Connect Virtual Appliance — Added missing security repository reference. Domain list displays a popup menu on right mouse button click.

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