Phaser 135ti perkins инструкция

phaser 135ti perkins инструкция
Further information can be found in the relevant Data and dimensions for the «Crankshaft» on page 36. 132 Workshop Manual, TPD 1312, issue 2 Phaser/1 000 Series 5 Balancer unit To remove Operation 5-21 1 Drain the lubricating oil from the sump and remove the sump, see Operation 10-3. Warning! The front and the rear oil seals are Viton lip seals with a dust lip to the outside of the main lip and with oil return grooves on the face of the main lip. The gear driven coolant pump is driven by the gear of the fuel injection pump. Провода короткие, везде в натяжку — того и гляди оборвутся, контакты быстро окисляются, и при попадании начинаются сбои в работе электрооборудования — часто именно по этой причине загорается индикатор неисправности двигателя на панели приборов.

Ensure that the spring loaded lip of the oil seal is towards the inside of the timing case cover and that the oil seal is square to the bore of the seal housing. Ensure that the joints are fitted with the notch at the top and the straight edge towards the centre (F). Fit the joints without jointing compound. This does not mean you will compromise on quality. These heavy trucks have a payload capacity form 14.5 t to 21 t, depending on the model. This will cause a loss of engine performance and could cause internal damage to the engine. 17 Fit the exhaust manifold.

The latest equivalent grades G to L shown in the table above are to be used instead. • The top of the piston must not be machined. New top rings have a red or blue identification mark which must be on the left of the ring gap when the ring is fitted and the piston is upright. All the piston rings are above the gudgeon pin. Гидроусилитель руля. JCB TORQUE LOCKЭксклюзивная система фиксации крутящего момента позволяет оператору сократить время, а также существенно экономить расход топлива. This nomencleture was introduced in 1978 under Perkins’ new engine numbering scheme, where the family type is encoded in each unique serial number.

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