Fluke 6500 инструкция

fluke 6500 инструкция
Для отзыва вашего согласия направьте соответствующее распоряжение в письменной форме по адресу обратной связи, указанному на сайте. В случае отзыва настоящего согласия вы теряете статус зарегистрированного пользователя веб-сайта и все связанные с этим статусом привилегии по всем программам сайта. This tester is capable of performing protective earth resistance, insulation, protective earth conductor current, touch current, substitute leakage current, appliance power (kVA) and appliance load current procedures with each test assigned to an individual button for ease of use. You will need to Licence your software before you can fully use it. Tests are incredibly simple to perform thanks to dedicated, one-touch buttons, built-in memory allows storage of a large amount of measurement data with direct download to PC (no more jotting down test results!) and the built-in full QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to manage and amend stored data. Оставьте свои контакты и наш специалист перезвонит Вамв течение нескольких минут. The tester will feet on very lossy cables.

Click here to purchase the Full Downloading Edition of SimplyPats. An easy-to-use fault locator, cable and wire manager and tone generator. Cables with an impedance outside this range will not be properly tested and may produce erratic or incorrect readings.Maximum Length2500 feet on most cable types, and 500 feet on very lossy cables. The 6500 includes a large suite of testing procedures, ensuring compliance with the IET Code of Practice at all times. SimplyPats V7 Click here to purchase the Full Downloading Edition of SimplyPats with support for all popular downloading PAT Testers. Operating Altitude 0 up to 2000 m Sealing IP-40 (enclosure), IP-20 (connectors) EMC Complies with EN61326-1, portable EMI Immunity 3 V/m.

The 6200 comes with yellow Fluke carry case, test lead probe, clip and manual. £769.00 £495.00 * Prices excludes delivery carriage @ £10 and VAT @ 20% UK mainland deliveries only Copyright 2004 — 2016 PAT Training Services Limited, All rights reserved. E&OE. Results appear as a distance reading rather than a waveform, so it’s perfect for technicians unfamiliar with Time Domain Reflectometery (TDR). Find and fix cable problems without pulling new wire or blindly cutting into walls. Exclusive features that are found only on this tester include the abilitity to download to PC, a graphical LCD display with help diagrams, compact flash card receptacle, auto-testing procedures, programmable PASS/FAIL level indicators, real time clock and front panel results management. Настоящее согласие дается вами на весь период эксплуатации веб-сайта и может быть отозвано вами в любой момент. Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester Fluke 6500 Hard Carry Case Fluke 6500 Instruction Manual Earth Test Lead Earth Test Probe Crocodile Clip Fluke 6500 PAT Testing Kits The Fluke 6500 is a great tester for any professional — but you’re going to need accessories as well when you’re out PAT testing.

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