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Phantom Luck of the Draw: Throws a flurry of cards, down to your last one. Caboose tries to avoid blame by stating that someone placed a wall in front of him. Passive Effects: Damage over time chance: 50% to deal 166% damage every 1 second for 8 seconds. Nonetheless, Felix and the teams prepare for an attack, where Caboose confesses that despite their differences, he and Tucker are really good friends, as the latter fixes his helmet. Retrieved December 19, 2009. ^ «Autocar Videos». Tex suddenly returns to Blood Gulch and attacks the Blues, in order to look for O’Malley. As a result to assist Tex, Caboose is picked by his team to distract Sheila while Tex shuts her down.

Eventually, Caboose is one of the last of the group to leave. Caboose apparently suffered near asphyxiation, claiming that it was dark and that he had to hold his breath. In Along Came a Spider, it’s revealed that Caboose has been drinking gasoline since the first week he met Church, meaning season one. Even when comatose in Reconstruction: Chapter 12, he manages to groan «Not my fault. ..Tucker did it…» Usually, this is in situations where Caboose’s fault is obvious, such as when he melees Epsilon to fix his deactivated short term memory.

Instead of being crushed by the overwhelming change in gravity, Caboose doesn’t even notice and is able to handle the extreme change in gravity with little to no effort. Rewards: Here are some of the items available in the Special Shop. Mercedes Spirit of Elluel: The spirits who empower you attack your enemies after you attack. Monster DEF Ignored: +50%. Boss Damage: +50%. 1st and 2nd Hit Damage: 600%. 3rd Hit Damage: 700%. 4th Hit Damage: 800%. Demon Avenger Demonic Frenzy: Sacrifice your body to the flames to fuel your vengeance. She has twelve different chairs available, and you sit on an increasing number of snowflakes each time!

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