Инструкция glo starter

инструкция glo starter
For more information, watch the helpful video below from Tetra. 2. Select your favorite GloFish Explore all of the brilliant colors and species of GloFish fluorescent fish by visiting the GloFish Gallery page. Select your favorite fish using our GloFish Virtual Aquarium. Easy-to-use color-coded FILL and EMPTY push-button controls for fuel pumps. PowerBoost Pipe improves performance at idle, full-throttle and all points in-between. Customize your glow heat system to automatically adjust itself to changing conditions. Included PD-08 regulating pump ensures consistent fuel flow and top performance regardless of tank position, attitude or altitude.

Make it a beautiful and fun home for your fish! 1. Set your GloFish Aquarium up the “Right Way” Be sure to carefully follow all the instructions provided with your GloFish® Aquarium Kit. Tough Tygon® fuel line between pump and carb features an inline filter that removes impurities. Same mount size as the 46AX and 55AX for easy retrofits. Forged steel conrod features needle bearings at the bottom.

Don’t forget to name your fish. 3. Providing care and comfort for your GloFish Your fish need attention. The advanced design of the Accu-Glo MkII Power Panel means more convenience and easier control. Learn how to best care for all their needs. Features: A built-in 300-400mA charger with LED and a mounting lug for attaching a Hot Shot. Plus, it can be retrofitted in the same space as popular AX glow engines.

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