Мануал на ямаха бвс 50 инструкция

мануал на ямаха бвс 50 инструкция
Page 27: Pre-operation Check List • Make sure that operation is smooth. • Check cable free play. Instruments, lights, signals • Check operation. — and switches • Correct if necessary. • Check fluid level. Page 56: Scooter Care And Storage, Care SCOOTER CARE AND STORAGE EAU26090 ucts onto seals, gaskets and wheel thinner, fuel (gasoline), rust re- Care axles.

Nós usamos cookies para nos ajudar a entender os visitantes do nosso site. Page 40: Cleaning The Air Filter Element PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR EAUM1640 Cleaning the air filter element The air filter element should be cleaned at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance and lubrication chart. From 30000 km, repeat the maintenance intervals starting from 6000 km.

The use of a safety helmet is the… Page 10 Gasoline and exhaust gas been specifically designed for use on lightweight as possible and GASOLINE IS HIGHLY FLAMMA- this scooter. The fuse holder is located behind panel B. (See page 6-5.) If the fuse is blown, replace it as fol- lows. Page 39: Final Transmission Oil If any leakage is found, have a case. Clean the air filter element more fre- quently if you are riding in unusually wet or dusty areas.

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